About the Region

Utiel is one town and Requena another, they are neighbors however together they make one wine region, approximately 45 mins drive west from Valencia. The area was given DO status in 1957.

By far the most dominant grape planted in the area is Bobal. Bobal accounts for close to 80% of all wine produced in the region and because of this, it’s a red wine dominant area. The grape's name come from the Latin – Bovale (Bull) and was given this name due to the way the bunches form into the shape of a bull’s head.

In days gone by it was primarily used for bulk wine and grape concentrate – its qualities of being deep colored, high in tannins and acidity made it useful for many things however in more recent times, vineyard management to restrict yields and improve ripeness whilst controlling the alcohol levels has meant that there are some very good wines now available and it’s definitely becoming a wine for those in the know, with comparisons being made to some better known wine regions, inside and outside of Spain!!