Meet the Producer

Covitoro is Toro's foremost co-operative (founded in 1974) and second largest producer, with over 1,000 hectares, and the oldest vines in the region. The Toro region is best known for premium reds. While the abundance of high quality fruit from old, gnarled, unirrigated bush-trained vines is perfectly suited to this purpose, modest grape prices also make Toro a great source of distinctive, well-made wines at more accessible prices - something at which Covitoro excels. Plantings are mainly Tinta de Toro, with some Garnacha for softer reds. There are also small plantings of Malvasia and Verdejo, which give an attractively fresh white similar to neighboring Rueda. Having escaped phylloxera, many old vineyards remain with vines on their own rootstocks. Vineyards are healthy and virtually organic as the climate allows minimal chemical intervention.

About the Winemaker

Martin Padin