About the Producer

A relatively young winery (established in 2009) by a group of 65 vine growers with a strong belief and passion in Verdejo - the primary grape of the Rueda region. As a combined group over 900 acres (380ha) are being managed with the average vineyard at 2,460 feet (750m) above sea level. At vintage all the grapes are harvested at night to prevent oxidation.

The winery is equipped with all the latest, cutting–edge, technology and has already established itself at both national and international levels with numerous awards.

About the Winemaker

Sandra Martín Chivite, born in Navarra, has been exploring the world of the wine her whole life. Since finishing her enological degree in Madrid, she began developing wines in several different wineries of D.O. Navarra (Spain). She then started working as a winemaker in one of the most important cooperatives of D.O.P. Rioja.

In 2013, Sandra began an amazing new episode in her life as a winemaker in Diez Siglos de Verdejo winery, in the D.O. Rueda, specializing in white wine.

She has won various national and international significant wine awards, such as "Big Gold Bacchus", "Gold Medal Concours Mondial of Sauvignon Blanc” and "Concours Mondial of Brussels".

Nowadays Sandra is a winemaker of Diez Siglos de Verdejo and a member of the tasting and certification committee of D.O.P. Rioja and D.O. Rueda.

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