Meet the Producer

Dating back before the 19th century, the Pastor Diaz family are firmly entrenched in the Rioja region. Located in the town of Aldeanueva de Ebro, which also known as the town of three lies – it’s not a town, it’s not new and the Ebro doesn’t pass by.

Currently, 70% of the Pastor Diaz vines (over 100 ha) are trained along wires and 30% receive traditional goblet pruning. The altitude at which the vines are grown ranges from 350 to 600 meters. With the highest vineyards being on the slopes of Monte Yerga. In these vineyards, the main variety cultivated is Tempranillo, accompanied by the Garnacha and Graciano varieties

The capacity of the vinification facilities are for a maximum of 1,000,000 liters, with 1,200 American-oak and 600 French-oak casks and an average stock of 400,000 bottles of wine.