About the Producer

Spain has long been a focus and over the past couple of decades our relationships have expanded to the point that we have developed both exclusive blends and labels to better suit the markets in which we work. The diversity of Spain is such that we have partnerships in a number of areas which allows us to offer multiple regions and labels from some of the best known players!

We craft our wines by both vinifying fruit from our own vineyards, and by selecting and blending wine from partner growers. Our winemakers together with our partners bring our winemaking philosophy to life. It's their mission to ensure all Made by Boutinot wines are crafted to taste the way a Boutinot wine should - we never lose sight of our vision to create high quality wines at every price point.

We have three winemakers covering Spain: in Aragon we have José Luís Chueca; in Toro it's Nueria de la Torre; and then Afredo Gonzalez in Rioja.