Just over four miles outside of Stellenbosch, in the heart of the wine lands, you’ll find one of the most beautiful places not only in the Cape but in the world!

Banghoek was originally known as "De Bange Hoek" which is how it was indicated on a transport map of Zeven Rivieren in the year 1704. Not only was it dangerously steep but there were lions, leopards and other wild animals in the dense forest area. Apparently you still find leopards in these surrounding mountains today.  Today Banghoek is a proud sub region of Stellenbosch.

This is a small 200,000-bottle winery in Banghoek, on the Helshoogte Pass between Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. It’s pronounced "Sorg-fleet", which roughly translates to "no worries", and that sentiment carries itself through all they do. Grapes are grown on the steep slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain in vineyards that are among the highest in Stellenbosch. The estate wines are from site-specific single vineyards and are elegant expressions of this unique mountain terroir, all crafted in the Zorgvliet cellar, one of the most technologically advanced cellars in South Africa.

About the Winemaker

Bernard Les Roux has been making wine since 2001 and he’s managed to get around – vintages in California - Chateau Montelena, and in South Africa with Hamilton-Russel, Tokara, Vilafonte and Nobel Hill before taking over the reigns at Zorgvliet in 2013. When not in the vineyard or making wine you’ll find him playing his guitar, surfing, playing cricket, sailing or with his family - apparently winemaking is a full time job, so he tells us!!