Decagon, 2018 (Aged in Cognac Barrels)

This beautifully blended Cabernet Franc is aged for five months in Cognac barrels and then five months in wine barrels. It's supple, ripe with notes of plum and black cherry which have added an edge of warmth on the mid palate before finishing long and rounded. The name Decagon came to us because of the aging (ten months total) which gave us the "Deca" (Greek for ten) and then using the letters of Cognac = Decagon!

100% Cabernet Franc

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How it's made

Cabernet Franc is one of the top 20 planted red grape varieties in the world! It's more often than not used as part of a blend, although it's gaining popularity as a single varietal. Cabernet France, along with Sauvignon Blanc are the "proud parents" of the world's most famous red grape – Cabernet Sauvignon. Therefore it's not surprising to find it has a lot of characters that are reminiscent of its "off-spring". It is an earlier budding grape and ripening varietal that Cabernet Sauvignon and tends to have a greener note, but less tannins – harvesting later/riper can reduce those green notes however it's a fine balance to ensure, being softer, that it does not become overly ripe and clumsy.

Tasting Notes

Supple, ripe fruit with. Notes of plum and black cherry have an added edge of warmth on the mid palate before finishing long and rounded.

Food Match

Juicy lamp shanks, rich tomato-based dishes laced with roasted garlic and peppers, marinated steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. Alternatively, savor this wine at the end of a meal or over a good cheese board!


Contains sulfites and no other allergens




Pays d'Oc

Region / Country

France, Languedoc


Guillaume Létang



Case / Bottle Size

12 x 750ml

Bottle Barcode


Case Weight

39 lbs.

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Pallet Details

70 cases per pallet / 5 layers