Chrome Yellow Semillon, 2017

At the same time South Africans were planting Semillon in the 1930's and 40's, our European cousins were embarking on an artistic revolution with the birth of post-modernist art and literature, as exemplified by the very linear Bauhaus school of architecture and the angst-soaked industrialist works of Aldous Huxley... a brave new world indeed. The name of this wine was inspired by this period into which this wine's vines were born.

100% Semillon

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How it's made

100% Semillon from a block of old scrubby bush vines in Franschhoek planted from 1930. The texture and flavor of this wine is purely an expression of this unique place – where the poor soil and character of old bush vine planting bursts through. The wine is unfiltered, pure and bright. Despite it's Franschhoek heritage, it is registered as W.O. Coastal Region.

Tasting Notes

A wine that is the distillation of ancient Franschhoek Semillon. While the palate is immediately super bright, shiny even, and with the classically brittle nature of finely defined Semillon, there is a generosity of body and structure beneath. Like a lick of liquid lightening, this wine will delight the palate and defibrillate the soul with it's pithy, citrus appeal, bright acid and sandy texture.

Food Match

Cape Malay curry, red snapper curry, ceviche or tuna carpaccio.


Contains sulfites and no other allergens




Coastal Region

Region / Country

Coastal Region, South Africa


Ryno Booysen & JD Rossouw



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