Meet the Producer

This winery lies in the heart of Oltrepo Pavese, which dates back centuries and includes the eighteenth-century Palazzo Pegazzera. In 1974, three entreprenurs took over this historic estate and began a restoration project with the winery.

Giovanni Doglio, whose father and grandfather were both Piemonte’s winemakers, who have over 40 years of experience managing wineries. Recently joined by his daughter Federica, he has worked tirelessly to develop the estate. They have purchased more vineyards (to cover 100ha at an altitude of around 300m), planted new vines and built a new cellar. The vineyards are now certified organic!

The winery’s focus is high quality bottle-fermented sparkling wine, and much of the vineyard is planted with Pinot Noir for this purpose. However, these vines are also the source of fine still reds as well as white.