Meet the Producer 

The current cellar was built in 1999. Domaine de L’Olibet’s vineyards are around St. Georges d’Orques, in the rural hinterland of Montpellier in the South of France. Covering some 50ha (125 acres), 20ha are in the AOP Languedoc and 30ha are in Vin de Pays. The owner Laurent Icard has 22 different parcels, from the tiniest (less than an acre) up to 6ha in a single block. The youngest vines are 10 years old and the oldest are 70 years old; these are precious "vieilles vignes" with low-yielding crops which produce rich wines.

The vineyards are low-lying, no more than 50m (164ft) above sea level. There are two principal types of terroir – Villafranchian soil (stoney) while the other is richer, deep and silty.

About the Winemaker

Laurent Icard