About the Region

IGP Pays – the simplified way of saying Indication Géographique Protégée which in English means Protected Geographical Region. The regulations that are applied to wines using this terminology tend to be more lenient than those of AOP, meaning the growers and winemakers have the freedom to explore new things – terroir and/or grapes.

There are approximately 300 grape varieties permitted to be used in IGP wines and it can get a little confusing and complicated! In "simple" terms there are first regions (eg. Loire, Bordeaux, Rhone) then departments such as Herault, Aude and Gard and lastly zones (93 of them) of which Pays d’Oc is the most popular/well known.

Pays d’Oc accounts for nearly one in seven bottles of all French wine.  The region is responsible for over 90% of all French varietal wine and 75% of all IGP wines. The  planted vineyards are similar in size to all of Chile’s vineyards combined!

It’s quite possibly the best source of astounding wines, offering the best quality to price ratio. We source many varietals from the heartlands of the Languedoc (Pays d’Oc). The relationships with the growers and single Domaine owners have been nurtured for 30 years and these partnerships are key for both our winemakers and our portfolio.