About the Region

Vin de France is the catch all – every wine produced in France, could, in theory, use this designation though many won’t. In the world of wine it’s a relatively new term, approved in 2010 and introduced fully in 2012. It is, for all intense purposes the replacement of Vin de Table but with a few distinct ‘upgrades’, namely you are able to indicate the vintage and also the varietals from which the wine was produced.

Vin de France guarantees one thing – it’s wine made in France, after that you’ll have to read the small print to try and get a handle on the region it originates from, and that’s not necessarily a guarantee!

Whereas everyone wanted to avoid Vin de Table, because it made wine too generic, there are a number of producers that embraced the new Vin de France term as it's allowed them to produce the wine they wanted to produce, from grapes they want to use versus those that a given region says they have to use, in whatever minimum percentages, in a given way and still tell their customers, their stories. Whilst this has absolutely happened, it has to be remembered that this is still the all encompassing term for France’s basic wine so it’s likely that you’ll find many of the entry level wines with this term, but if you find something further up the price scale under the term Vin de France, it could well be a great discovery of something interesting and new!