Meet the Producer 

Boutinot first visited this Domaine in 2010 and has been actually buying from this source since 2013.  The family Domaine is now in its 5th generation with Michel’s son Romain taking over the reins just a couple of years ago. Despite having officially retired, the team is still mother, father and son.

The Domaine is situated in the village of Bussières, in the southern area of the Mâconnais region. Part of the Val Lamartinien (Lamartine’s home of Pierreclos is just a few KM away), a historical figure with great influence on the local patrimony of the area.  Classic Argilo- calcaire that suits Chardonnay so well and lends elegance and finesse to the final wines.

The wines are fine and pure and we taste every single vat in the cellar before making our final selection. Three years ago we put two demi-muids in the cellar, and then vinified the wine in these that is then later blended into part of our main cuvee. Thus we now work with two different profiles - one offering pure, elegant crisp chardonnay that we use under our Macon Villages label, the other having 10% of barrel –aged wines offers a more textural, slightly creamy wine that we bottle under the Domaine name as Bourgogne Chardonnay.

About the Winemaker

Having been with Boutinot since 1989, it’s fair to say Samantha Bailey has seen more than a few changes in her time with us. To rewind a little, what happens when you visit France as an au pair, study French at a university and then end up with a work placement in Burgundy (Beaune) gets to be a (big!) part of your life, despite career advice suggesting you should go into accounting!

Her first job was with the very prestigious UK-based Wine Society in their marketing department, and then with Boutinot. The learning curve wasn’t so much a curve as a vertical climb but so exhilarating – tasting, playing, blending, learning. When you start with good ingredients the result can be formidable… BUT it’s not good enough to do formidable once – it’s got to be done every time and that’s demanding but then life without a challenge would be boring!

Originally it was just French wine but as time passed, we started to work in South Africa then Australia, Chile, Argentina, California, New Zealand and more. She does have a soft spot for South Africa, especially Chenin and Sauvignon.

Samantha is probably now more than half French if one considers the length of time she’s been there. She lives in a lovely part of France with her Portuguese husband and two girls, having managed to integrate into the village community and becoming almost one of the locals.

As she simply states: "I was born in England, but France is home, and I absolutely love the wine adventure that started 28 years ago and is still ongoing."