Meet the Producer

Manutara vineyards are made up of 486 acres (197ha) of vines spread across the Maule Valley in Chile, from the Andes Mountains to shores of the Pacific Ocean.  Different types of microclimates and soils can be found in this valley which suits many different grape varieties.  Being spoilt for choice allows us to select the best of each variety to ensure both intensity and complexity are achieved in each of the wines.

The inspiration for this range and unique wine names goes back hundreds of years and refers to ‘The cult of the Bird-man’ in Napa Nui (Easter Island) off the west coast of Chile. Legend has it that every year a representative of each clan, chosen by the leaders, was set a challenge ("Desafio"). Their task was to swim across shark-infested waters to Motu Nui, a nearby islet, to search for the season's first egg laid by the Manutara, a scared migratory bird. The men would wait ("Espera") in caves for the arrival of the birds whose chirping would signal the beginning of the competition. The first man to get the egg would become the Tangata Manu ‘bird man’, signifying the evolution ("Evolución") from human to the divine, securing control over the island's resources for his clan for that year.