Meet the Producer 

Nuevo Mundo is a project owned by the De Martino family, who have been farming this vineyard since 1934. They are located in Isla de Maipo, in the heart of the Maipo Valley, which has ideal growing conditions for crafting world-class wines. The goal is for each bottle to truly represent the vineyard and its unique nature. It was with the aim of preserving this unique terroir that they implemented the most environmentally friendly practices possible – the vineyards have been certified as being organic since 2001, only wild yeasts are used for the fermentation of the grapes and the winery was the first in South America to be certified as 100% Carbon Neutral.

Located in the heart of the Maipo Valley, Isla de Maipo is a village with a long wine-producing tradition. Its unique location is equidistant between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, and both are influential in defining the terroir. Historically, the area was referred to as an “island” since it was surrounded by two branches of the River Maipo. However, following a very large earthquake at the beginning of the 20th century, the course of the river changed drastically, leaving one of the branches to dry up.  The family vineyards, which produce the grapes for the Nuevo Mundo wines, sit right on top of the former river bed of the Maipo River. This location naturally provides the perfect soil types for growing top-quality and healthy grapes.

About the Winemaker

Eduardo Jordan