About the Region

Piemonte is a region in northwest Italy and borders both France and Switzerland and second in size (out of 20) with Sicily being the largest. Whilst Barbera is the most widely planted, red, grape in the region, it's Nebbiolo that is responsible for it’s most famous wine – Barolo; and Moscato for white – either via a namesake – Moscato d’Asti or by area as simply Asti (previously known as Asti Spumante).

The other principal grapes are Dolcetto for red and Cortese for white, with Cortese being the grape used to produce Gavi.

As a region it produces more DOCG (highest classification) wines (17) than any other region in the country and, unlike many other regions has no ‘country wines’ (IGT). Wines are either DOC/ DOCG or table wine.

Most wine production is based around three towns – Alba, Asti and Alessandria.