Meet the Producer

A single estate in the heart (a village called Pépieux) of the Minervois region of southern France, run by Philippe (Roman) and his wife. Together they tend 74 acres (30 hectares) of vineyards that they have owned for over 40 years, growing Grenache Gris, Grenache Noir, Syrah, Viognier and of course, Pinot Noir.

The vines thrive on south facing terraces in soil that is a mixture of clay and limestone. Being on slopes and in the South of France while it's very hot in the summer, the close proximity of the vineyards to the Mediterranean (35 miles away) allows for a sea breeze to help moderate the summer temperatures and enable perfectly ripened and flavorful grapes.

The grapes go through a fairly traditional fermentation, taking place over a two to three week period.  The Pinot Noir starts off cool, between 63 to 68 degrees F (17/20°C) in order to protect fresh red fruit Pinot flavors, then increases up to 77 degrees F (25°C) to extract the structure and weight for the finish before being aged in oak.

About the Winemaker

A native of Burgundy, or more specifically the outskirts of Chablis, it’s safe to say Guillaume was born into wine and therefore totally natural that he chose to become a wine-maker in his teens..basic studies first and a degree in Oenology and all in may explain why he’s our resident Pinot specialist with a fetish for Chardonnay!! His first job was more cellar rat than winemaker but he was exposed to what life could be like with a vintage in Beaujolais and after that short experience it became a serious pursuit, with winemaking experience in Chablis (William Fèvre), Côte de Beaune (Château de Santenay), Beaujolais area (Saint Amour, Moulin à Vent…), Languedoc Roussillon (Ile de Porquerolles).

After eight years spent as a cellar master in the south of Burgundy, he became a wine consultant specializing in wines from the Maconnais along with the Crus of Beaujolais.

Bored of 'working alone' and in need of a new challenge, he joined the Boutinot family in 2015 and as he says ‘I’ve not had time to get bored since..!  The diversity of working in new countries, with different vintages, across the globe, working with the sales teams in different markets and learning about consumers and the new approaches required from both a marketing and wine-making perspective is just a fantastic challenge’.

A passion for walking, running and mountain biking are easily combined with his love of wine - ‘Being in the field, on the spot, we learn so much more about the people we work with, the vines that grow and the country itself and we combine all of that with our wine feelings along with wine-making skills so that, at the end, we improve and produce great wines together!'