Meet the Producer

We have our own vineyards. We think this is important. It means we practice what we preach. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. It gives us the knowledge and capability to experiment, innovate and develop our own unique tasting wines. Made by Boutinot is more than just our vineyards and cellars in France, Italy, South Africa and England. It’s our longstanding relationships with hundreds of winegrowers around the world.

We craft our wines by both vinifying fruit from our own vineyards, and by selecting and blending wine from partner growers. Our winemakers together with our partners bring our winemaking philosophy to life. It's their mission to ensure all Made by Boutinot wines are crafted to taste the way a Boutinot wine should. Never losing sight of our vision to create high quality wines at every price point.

In Australia, after having spent a few, too many, years looking for a partner who ‘got us’ and vice versa; finding that the answer was an old friend, literally, was one of those moments when the light goes on and you think, in best Oz twang, ‘you goose’! Once realization hit, things moved quickly (like a possum up a gum tree!) and all our own production wines were moved to a town, close to the middle of no-where, called Piangil and Andrew Peace – we’ve never looked back!

About the Winemaker

Samantha Bailey