We have our own vineyards. We think this is important. It means we practice what we preach.

With nearly 40 years’ of history, it would be easy to say we are in the business of wine. However, that really wouldn’t be an accurate description…it’s more a case of wine is what we do – we produce, design, market, drink and occasionally even sell it - all with a passion.

Our wine making team ‘work’ (hmmm..!?) all over the world, both in our own vineyards and wineries but also closely with other producers who are more friends than business partners. We represent a few producers, in addition to our own production in the USA. Some would call them agencies however it’s more than that.

We only work with people that are in this business for the same reasons we are - for a love of wine, but more importantly, because we have history together and are friends first, and then colleagues!

The US business is part of the larger company so while we are few ‘in country’ we have the support of over 140 people behind us, including Nigel Wilkinson MS and Tony Brown MW. Our team is proud and passionate about the business and the wines with a simple desire to share the wines we enjoy drinking ourselves.

Meet the US Team

Barry Downing - A wine industry professional of more than twenty years based in the heart of the USA, with a love of history and Elvis!

Beth Eggleston – A career in sales with the last twelve being all about wine, plus cake- maker extraordinaire when she has the time

David McMurdy – Nearly fifteen years ‘in wine’, our Spanish expert and a part-time, frustrated footballer!

Destin Montes de Oca – Whilst not ‘winey’, she does keep everyone in check and she loves admin…we do ask ourselves why!

Paul Stacey – With over thirty years’ experience in the industry (buying, sales and marketing) you're more likely to find him on the golf course